Maestro Piero Gallo has directed several Italian Orchestras (I Musici Sanniti, Orchestra of the Imperia Festival, Grosseto Orchestra, Bari Symphony, Savona Orchestra, the “Carlo Felice” Soloists of Genoa, Regional Orchestra of Lazio) and has collaborated with important Romanian Symphony Orchestras (Fradoniques of Oradea, Satu-Mare, Bacau, Craiova, Arad and Cluj Napoca), Bulgaria (Varna Philharmonic), Moldova (Radio-Television Orchestra) and Russia (Great Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Udmurtia ) directing them both in Italy and in their offices.

In 1989 the choir “Via Giulia” he founded the previous year with a group of friends takes the name MAVRA, expanding the staff and starting together a path of absolute human and musical value that is renewed again after 30 years and dozens of concerts made.

“Directing Mavra is the most rewarding and formative experience of my life”.

Some pictures of the Conductor as he directs the Mavra Choir